Create Unlimited Custom CMS Fields For Your Designs.

Custom CMS Fields is an easy to use extension for Magento that allows you to add as many additional fields to a CMS page as you’d like and access them in any template file.

Give New Dimension To Your CMS Pages.

Easily embed text fields, text areas, WYSIWYGs, or image uploads in to any CMS page.

Improved Control For Admins

Magento admin’s will have a much easier time modifying individual fields than modifying HTML code within a WYSIWYG.

Various Input & Field Types

Include various field and input types including text input, text area, WYSIWYG and file uploads for any type of content need.

Really Easy To Use!

Simply create a custom field on any CMS page, and then include the field using our simple snippet in any template.

Watch How Easy It Is
To Use A Custom Field.

Adding various fields of custom content in to a CMS page for Magento has never been easier. With Custom CMS Fields you can create Text Inputs, WYSIWYG Editors, Text Areas, and File Uploads to easily add in any type of custom content directly in to a custom CMS Page.

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“This extensions makes my life easier during development as well as ongoing management of Magento websites. My clients also love how much easier it is to make modifications to the important parts of their website’s pages.”

— Adam Hodson, Bricks & Mortar Creative


When creating A Magento CMS Page you usually have the option to create a unique design for your client, or make it easy for them to manage. With Custom CMS Fields you can do both.

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Web design fundamentals in your language.


Create Custom Fields On The Backend

Create Custom CMS Fields for your CMS Pages to include text blocks, code snippets, WYSIWYG content, images or file downloads.

Display The Custom Content In Your Page Templates

Include the content or files from the CMS Custom Field in your Magento page templates with our easy to use php snippets.

  • Start Creating Better CMS Pages.

    Custom CMS Fields makes CMS pages easier to build, manage and modify.

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Simplify Your Themes For Magento.

Custom CMS Fields for Magento makes it easy for designers and developers to create highly customized CMS pages that are still easy to manage, modify, and maintain in the Magento dashboard.

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Can I Embed Image Files?

Yes! You can upload images, pdfs, or any other files you’d like. Using our PHP snippet, you can then output the direct URL to this file in your templates, making it easy to use however you’d like.

How Do I Include The Content In My Template?

It’s simple. Just include if your Custom CMS Field was called “Your Field Name” you would just include: in your phtml template.

Does This Work On CMS Blocks?

No, but in a way it replaces the need for CMS blocks in a lot of situations. Custom CMS Fields allows you to keep all of your page data in one place, making it easier and less confusing to manage.

Is This A One Time Or Subscription Fee?

It’s a one time fee! You will only pay one time per website for your access to Custom CMS Fields and it’s yours forever.

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Give new life and possibilities to your the standard Magento CMS pages.

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