• Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Embed Image Files?

Yes! You can upload images, pdfs, or any other files you’d like. Using our PHP snippet, you can then output the direct URL to this file in your templates, making it easy to use however you’d like.

How Do I Include The Content In My Template?

It’s simple. Just include if your Custom CMS Field was called “Your Field Name” you would just include: in your phtml template.

How Long Does It Take To Setup?

Installation and configuration only takes about 3 minutes, then it’s just a matter of creating as many different custom CMS fields as you need for your template files.

Does This Work On CMS Blocks?

No, but in a way it replaces the need for CMS blocks in a lot of situations. Custom CMS Fields allows you to keep all of your page data in one place, making it easier and less confusing to manage.

Is This A One Time Or Subscription Fee?

It’s a one time fee! You will only pay one time per website for your access to Custom CMS Fields and it’s yours forever.

Can My Clients Add New Fields To Pages?

Anyone can add a new custom field to a CMS page very easily if they’re capable of managing CMS pages already. However, you will need some basic coding experience with Magento to include the custom content in a page template.

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